About us.

Your way to reach the dream. Exploring horizons, exploring opportunities, delivering the dream.
We set our self for no less.

Your success is our mission, for the athletes, players, events, companies and organizations that are aiming for the future.

OMG Sport & Entertainment is there for you.

OMG Running, OMG Basketball, OMG Events and OMG Communications
are connecting expertise, contacts and working together to deliver your dream.

Delivering high-performance and top results for the athletes that OMG Running represents and races we work for and consult to.

Athletes, we take your career to the next level with leading marathons and global sponsors we work with.
Races, we take your events to the next level and make them recognizable to the global running market.

Focused on top young European players, we deliver excellence to the clubs and leagues we work for, providing them the future of the game to be played. Mid-term career planning and setting the goals for those that take the beautiful game as their mission, and excellence they want to achieve.

Clubs that look beyond the current scope of play to achieve glory and success.

Our experience in event creation, management, delivery, as well as boosting partner's events, is at your service by OMG Events and our supplier network.

From open air public events, conferences, sporting competitions to conventions, championships and VIP gala events, we can scope the work and customize to make your event special.

Content creation and production, delivering channels and your communication strategy are in the focus of the OMG Communications team.

We are getting the best available from the market for you and customizing the team per objective set, we do not settle for second and only hire the best for you.

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